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Data driven Advertising

  • Targeting of 1st & 3rd party data
  • Storytelling in retargeting using dynamic creatives
  • Customer-specific target group modelling


In addition to activating users, customising the message to the specific target groups is the key to successful image campaigns. Besides external 3rd party data from preferred partners, a multitude of data points from our own VivaKi data management platform (DMP) also play a central role in the campaign strategy.

Here, customer data and customer-specific data flow into the separate database created for each customer. Customised models are built on the basis of this data, and the results determine the management of the campaign.


Our concept: Customised, intelligent retargeting strategies, tailored to the advertised product, the campaign objective and the target group.


To supplement information about page and product visits, additional factors from our own VivaKi data management platform (DMP) are drawn on for greater success. Further, targeted appeals can then be made to users after they have already indicated implicit interest in a product via a search (search retargeting).

Contextual Targeting

Positioning a targeted ad in context while at the same time taking advantage of all the benefits offered by real time advertising is an optimal addition to other data-driven advertising strategies. The context has a positive effect on the advertising impact and context targeting has a positive effect on the reach of the campaign.

Lookalike Modelling

Target groups for campaigns and products can be determined through lookalike modelling. The first step is to optimise the campaign without targeting. Then, those users who display the desired action are analysed with precision. Specific attributes are extracted, and used in the second step as the basis on which target groups are defined, and the campaign is managed so that it is targeted at the users with the highest potential and greatest affinity.