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Brand Safety

  • Inventory evaluation and clustering through "VivaKi Verified"
  • Customer-specific whitelisting protects the advertiser's brand
  • 100% brand safe through the use of pre-bid ad verification

VivaKi Verified

The VivaKi Verified standard is an international initiative for audience on demand quality assurance. Every technology and every media and data partner goes through a comprehensive assessment, among other things with regard to product quality, performance and data protection. A product or partner and a website is only used once the high VivaKi Verified standards have been met.

Ad Verification

We underpin our high quality standards with the use of ad verification tools. This involves real time monitoring to verify that a URL is brand safe for a customer according to defined and individually specified criteria. The tool is able to deliver a transparent surface instead of an advertising motif. This ensures that a brand is consistently only displayed in suitable environments. The ad verification tool is an optimal addition to manual inventory selection and allows for 100% brand safe delivery of every campaign.